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The Jeongseon traditional market. This traditional market is a famous place for both locals and foreigners to come and enjoy the best of Korea. This market opens every 5 days, usually on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th etc.. Nowadays, we cannot experience these traditional markets as we once did due to their dwindling existence, so you should take this great opportunity to visit the Jeongseon traditional market now.
We also have the 'Railbike', which is one of the most famous tour attractions within Korea. The railbike in Jeongseon Auraji is a new type of leisure sport that combines biking along a railway and scenic views. This speciality makes use of an abandoned railway track that runs from Jeongseon Auraji to Gujeol-ri. The total track is 7.2 kilometers long and is a continuous descent that is easy to ride along clean valley waters and crimson red foliage. There are 2-person (110 kilograms) and 4-person rail bikes (138 kilograms). Despite its large size, a rail bike runs quite smoothly so it is sufficient for one person to pedal a 4-person rail bike at speeds of 10 to 30 kilometers per hour.
At the boarding area in Gujeol-ri Station, there is a unique cafe, 'A Grasshopper's Dream'. The cafe is in the shape of a couple of grasshoppers and housed within a train. On the way back, you will return to Gujeol-ri on a free train for a comfortable ride with beautiful view.
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